Romantic Realignments is one of the longest-running research seminars in Oxford.

Past speakers have included Marilyn Butler, Gerard Carruthers, David Chandler, Heather Glen, Paul Muldoon, Philip Shaw, Fiona Stafford and Peter Swaab, to name but a few.

All are very welcome to submit an abstract — we aim to provide a friendly 'workshop' setting in which speakers can try out new papers as well as more finished pieces, and in which lively discussion can flourish.

Held on Thursdays at 5.15pm, Seminar Room A, St Cross (English Faculty) Building.

If you would like to send us an abstract or suggest a speaker, please contact the current convenors Katherine Fender, Sarah Goode and Honor Rieley at:


Preparatory Reading for this week's Seminar
Thursday 2nd February

'The Keats Brothers' by Professor Denise Gigante (Stanford University)

In preparation for this seminar there are a few pages of reading from Professor Gigante's latest book, 'The Keats Brothers: The Life of John and George' (Harvard UP, 2011). If you are interested in attending and would like to receive the preliminary reading (of no more than about ten pages) please email

As usual, everyone is welcome to attend, from Romantic graduates to unRomantic undergraduates!


Welcome to the real New Year and your resolution to attend as many Romantic-related events as possible! We hope our schedule this term makes that resolution easier to keep... We really look forward to seeing you there!
English Faculty Seminar Room A, Thursdays of odd weeks, 5:15pm

1st Wk - 19th January: 'The "monster in human shape", the "sneaking literary shrimp", and the Piccadilly bookshops', Dr. David Fallon (Oxford University)

3rd Wk - 2nd February: 'The Keats Brothers', Professor Denise Gigante (Stanford University)
- N.B. Professor Gigante would like attendees to read some passages from her latest book 'The Keats Brothers: The Life of John and George' (Havard UP, 2011) as preparation for this more interactive seminar.  We will let you know further details as soon as possible. 

5th Wk - 16th February: 'Shakespearean Pantomime: the Dumbshow of Kemble and Siddons', Professor Fred Burwick (UCLA)

7th Wk - 1st March: 'Wordsworth and the Ecchoing Wye', Fiona Stafford (Oxford University) 

Friday 2nd March, 3:30pm, Seminar Room A: 'The Voice of the Sod: Keats's Nightingale from Below', Professor Marshall Brown (University of Washington)